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The production of renewable energy is not only an environmental necessity - it is also a strategic economic sector that records economic growth and generates innovation and employment, even during the period of global economic crisis. However, the expansion of renewable energy production raised certain negative effects, such as the concentration of organized criminality groups. Evidence of this are the recent juridical actions undertaken in different regions of Italy, gaining great media attention. Assuring the legitimacy and making the renewable energy sector "clean" from criminality became a highly important priority. Therefore, Fondazione Culturale Responsabilità Etica (Banca Popolare Etica Group) founded the project "SCORE - Stop Crimes on Renewables and Environment", carried on with a group of qualified partners: ARCI Lombardia, Association Saveria Antiochia Omicron, Centro di Iniziativa Europea, Forest Stewardship Council, Department for Land, Economics, Agriculture and Forestry of University of Padova, and Association Valore Sociale. The "SCORE" project is financed by the Directorate-General for Freedom, Security and Justice of the European Union, under the program "Prevention and Fight against Criminality". The objective of "SCORE" is to promote the direct engagement of enterprises, public administration and civil society to combat organized crime and illegality in the renewable energy and forest/wood sector by providing the interested actors with the methodologies  and tools for assessing, controlling and preventing illegality. In addition, the project "SCORE" is developing a network for exchanging the information on results from research studies and the best practices among various actors involved in renewable energy and forest/wood sector.

"SCORE" assists the enterprises in playing a more active role against criminal infiltration in the economy; it promotes the direct engagement through voluntary business tools based on Corporate Social Responsibility. Through "SCORE" researchers, NGO activists, bank officers, experts in ethical/financial institutions, and enterprise representatives are working together on the common objective: delivering concrete instruments to fight the increased influence of organized crime in the renewable energy and forest/wood sector.  As the project's outcome,  concrete and easy-to-use instruments for illegalities control will be provided. In a  30-month period (the project will end in December of 2012), the advance research on criminality and illegality risks and on the best practices in renewable energy and forest/wood sector will be conducted and translated in instruments and methodologies for assessing, preventing and controlling illegality risks. The results will be available on the web site, and also communicated during various events throughout the next two years.

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